Welcome to SACT!

Saint Anthony Community Theater (SACT)

is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to enrich community life by providing access to high quality performing arts opportunities for people of all ages and experience levels; on the stage, behind the scenes, and in the audience.


Cathy Gustafson
Cathy has been on the SACT board since 2007 and has supported school and community theater productions.
Kurt Engel
Kurt has been involved with SACT since early 2002, after his ten-year-old daughter expressed interest in being in that summer’s
Ian Pirner
Technology and Communication
Ian started with St. Anthony Community Theater in 2006. An avowed thespian and technology wiz, he joined the board in late 2015 after redeveloping the website.
Brooke Reseland
At Large
While Brooke has no personal theater experience, her daughter auditioned for and participated in her first play through SACT. Brooke volunteered backstage with SACT that first year, and has been volunteering in various roles since.
Marie Wappes
At Large
Isabelle Bierbach
Student Laison
Caitlyn Marsh
Student Laison
Thomas Marsh
At Large
Cara Nix
At Large
Rob Hutchison
At Large
Lorie Haddad
At Large